I was reborn in New York, the city of innovation. Where I encompassed the city vibes, culture, architecture, art building by building street by street.

Cut to Delhi, where I spent my formative years growing up and got to travel across my magnificent country, rich in history and still having landscapes that are lost, trapped in time. I especially find the old monuments, fields, cultures, indigenous people found in villages to be very fascinating.

The core values of my brand entail

We have commited ourselves to follow the main principles of Sustaianblity into our fashion brand . We have a very transparent supply chain starying from the fabrics in which we -- milk ,bamboo , GOTS certified cottons . Along with that , we are commited and passitionate about uplifiting various artisansl communities of India. Bagru , dabu techniques with block prints rule our pert wear line .

We have master craftsmen - national awardees from Minstisty of tExtiles to carve out our auirky and fun blocks on Shesham wood .

Our production facilities are in house and we provide excellent facilities and wages t our workers focussing on smaller quantities . We strive to make our designs acceptable and wearable at an international level , as fashion knows no boundaries .

My most enriching experience in my design endeavor have lead me to travel deep inside Indian villages meet weavers talk to them and re create the magic once again.